Amphibious Air Taxi

Flying amphibian instills a sense of freedom and excitement: take a on low altitude trip above the picturesque islands, islets and rocks of the Stockholm archipelago.

Our amphibian aircraft land on water as well as dry land – and the feeling when your pilot sets you down softly on water is not readily forgotten.

The amphibian season.

Have a go at amphibian flight once the season is in! From mid April to mid November, weather permitting, we do as many amphibian flights we can possibly manage

Grafair amphibian flights offer the following:

    • Air Taxi – our service covers the western Baltic Sea including the Stockholm and Åland archipelagos, Gotland and Öland.
    • Logistics – is there something you need delivered? Aircraft is often a timesaver compared to cars and boats.
    • Sightseeing – experience the fantastic view of Stockholm and/or our archipelago from above.
    • Book an event for half a day or a full day with activities and/or lunch/dinner at a restaurant, or bring a picnic basket for a nice day out.

Air taxi – Swift, Smooth, Simple

We can pick passengers up at any dock or boat in the Stockholm archipelago, and fly them directly to Grafair Jet Center at Bromma Stockholm or to Arlanda Airport and connecting flights there, or a taxi or commuting services to Stockholm City.

Avoid the stress of taking a car or a taxi to or from the airport. Let us come get you in an amphibian, and experience how swift, smooth and simple an air taxi is.

Taxi flight, your way

Air taxi using amphibian aircraft offer an unsurpassed flexibility, and to top it off you decide exactly when, where and how: Air Taxi is anything but a regular flight. Unable to make it to the airport in time because the meeting took an extra half hour? We’re at standby, matching your schedule – not the other way around.

Express delivery

Is there a package in urgent need of delivery, or one you’d rather not carry along during your travels? We’d be happy to transport it for you.

Event  suggestions

Here are som event suggestions for you, from short and sweet trips to all day-events including amphibian flight.

  • A luxurious lunch in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago.
    Treat your guests to a gourmet lunch at one of the Stockholm archipelago’s many harbours and renowned restaurants. We start at our terminal and lounge at Bromma Stockholm Airport. Climbing above the city’s rooftops we turn east toward Stockholm’s beautiful archipelago, so you might want to keep your camera handy. After about 30 minutes of sightseeing we touch down at Finnhamn or Sandhamn to enjoy a gourmet lunch with a splendid view.
  • All-day event Harstena, Visby, Sandhamn/Finnhamn
    Lift-off at 08:30 (AM) for Harstena, an island in the Gryt Archipelago, where breakfast is served at the dock. The flight takes approximately 40 minutues, and there will be room for some stretching of legs before continuing.
    At 10:30 (AM) we take off for the island of Gotland and Visby Airport, travel time approximately 30 minutes. Taxies await our guests, taking them to Restaurang Kaptenshuset, where lunch is served. A guide is available to take the guests on a two hour tour through the medieval city, and there will also be time for a bit of shopping.
    At 16:30 (4:30 AM) taxies take us to Visby Airport where we take off for Sandhamn or Finnhamn. Travel time is about 50 minutes. A three course meal inspired by the surroundings is served at about 19:00 (7 am), and the flight back to Bromma Stockholm Airport takes off at sundown, or 21:30 (9:30 AM) at the latest.
  • Sightseeing over Stockholm and its archipelago
    We start at Grafair’s terminal and lounge at Bromma Stockholm Airport, climb eastward over the Swedish capital and continue over Vaxholm, Möja and Sandhamn. If you have a summer cabin in the archipelago, let the pilot know, and you’ll get a chance to take an aerial photograph of it. A sightseeing/tour is a memorable gift for a loved one.
  • Take your customer golfing at Ullna Golfklubb
    Treat your key customers to business golf with a twist. Grafair greets you with a drink at the award-winning terminal at Bromma Stockholm Airport, and then we take off and fly northeast, giving you a breath taking view of our capital. After a 30 minute tour we touch down in Lake Ullna and reach the golf course. A brilliant concept guaranteed to strengthen your customer relations.
  • Sauna
    Enjoying a sauna is a nice and relaxing way to socialize, and our amphibian aircraft will take you there in a fast, fun and failsafe way. Might we suggest a cooling dip in the ocean and a “zen moment” on the rocks, listening to the waves?
  • A day out, tanning and swimming
    We set you up with a fantastic picnic basket with everything you could think of, and then take off for the island of your choosing: peace and quiet, sights to see, activities or festivities.
  • Amphibious aircraft and speedboats
    Combine amphibious flight with a pacey speedboat experience! Enter our amphibian directly from the speedboat and we’ll take you further out into the archipelago or to Bromma Stockholm Airport. We can set you up with a complete archipelago experience.

The possibilities are endless – please contact us with queries about the above or other arrangements or events.

The fabulous feeling when you touch down softly on water is a memory to be cherished.

Grafair’s Amphibious Air Taxi Services
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Our amphibious aircrafts lands and take-off on land as well as on water.