Safety culture

Grafair’s management is committed to provide and maintain a safe and healthful working environment. To accomplish a safe working environment the Safety Management System works on a basis of a “safety culture”.

The safety culture is a combination of several complimentary cultures:

  1. An informed culture, which requires the management of all systems to have a positive view of human, technical, organisational and environmental factors with impact/contribute to the organisation, allowing for errors to occur.
  2. A flexible culture open for changes based on “learning from experiences” and a solid safety culture with priority on safety.
  3. A reporting culture based on an open organisational climate where all involved are encouraged to report all occurrences containing deviations from known standards and requirements, hazards and errors without any retribution.
  4. A learning culture willing to perform proactive and corrective actions, and take appropriate action and decisions based on conclusions from relevant information. Willing to implement major reforms where deemed necessary.
  5. A just culture that fosters an atmosphere of trust in which all employees are encouraged, even rewarded, for providing essential safety related information, but in which there also is a clear line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

“We have an open reporting culture that encourages free and frank reporting through a just culture. No person has been or will be penalized or retaliated against for bringing safety issues to the attention of management. No disciplinary action will ever be taken against any employee for reporting a safety hazard to the management”

Safety Culture Questionnaire

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